I’ve been a journalist in the digital realm since 1996, specializing in coverage of the media and entertainment businesses.

At MarketWatch, where I spent 16 years, I received an internal award for coverage of the cable television industry. I bring strong writing and research skills, a keen interest in the history of television and film and a passion to add that perspective to my coverage.

Other areas I write about include technology, general news and sports. 

I’ve done numerous profiles and other features that involved the use of newspaper and magazine archives, interviews with media historians, fund managers, financial analysts, advertising executives and other sources.  I can produce serious, thoughtful work under extreme deadline pressure.

I’m particularly adept at analyzing trends, looking at the ramifications for consumers, and explaining how affected businesses react to change.  In addition, I have extensive knowledge of blog formats for journalism applications, utilizing Word Press.

I also understand how to use Twitter, Facebook and Storify to disseminate news and information in a relevant and timely manner.

Here you’ll find a representative portfolio of my work at MarketWatch, as well as my blogs, Over Most Of These Stations and Reveal Shot.

I’m currently available for freelance assignments and full-time employment.

David B. Wilkerson
Twitter: @dbwilkerson